Quality wedding photography. Why chose me?

… my guide to the nuts and bolts of a wedding photo


Why choose me? the answer is attention to detail. I am an experienced photographer from the publishing industry who knows how to use the camera to capture light, as well as the all important emotion of the moment. You will have seen the picture below as the first on my home page. I chose this image from the many that I have because I feel it is a great example of what I like to capture most of all at a wedding — the love and happiness of a young couple. Not only that, I have captured many more subtle details that make it a great wedding photograph that will stand the test of time, view after view — scroll down and let me show you some secrets that make some wedding photographers better that the rest (don’t worry — I keep it short).

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— click on the pictures to enlarge the detail —

This detail shows that even on very close inspection the image is nice and sharp despite all the action. Sharpness is a hallmark of quality photography. Have you noticed the sparkle of light in the brides eye? I put that there with careful use of flash photography while still retaining the lovely soft light of the fog – notice the absence of any hard, detracting shadows. Without a bit of lighting on their faces in this shot, their eyes would darken and sink into the picture and leave the viewers eyes searching. Eyes are so important in photographs and I always take care to make them sparkle a little. The detail also draws on another great aspect of this candid photograph: The closeness and look of love on their faces!

This little detail shows the subtle action and drama revealed by a little blur of the falling confetti. A small bonus from how I was using the camera, but it is so important in capturing the moment as more than just a record — it is a memory too, and photographs should conjure emotion.

Brides-to-be will appreciate this — and I know Liz Hill certainly did — lots of wonderful detailing in her wedding dress. The big problem with photographing wedding dresses is they are (mostly) white, with even whiter details. Capturing all this fine detail in a photograph is certainly technically challenging but it is an essential area where many photographers fall down. I wont bore you with the (frankly boring) ways of how to do it properly.

Lastly take a final look around the picture. My deliberate low angle makes the couple taller than the surrounding wedding guests, allowing them to dominate the picture easily. What else is in the picture? the church, a path and lots a friendly faces — and nothing else. That is how it should be. It is a simple point, but unless there is something special that contributed to the day, it shouldn’t be in the picture. I’m talking about cars, phone lines, signposts, roads, fences etc.. You see where I am going with this. I have even seen one unfortunate couples wedding photographs ruined by a red doggie-bin that repeatedly makes it into the background of their shots! It is terrible and it shouldn’t happen because there is no excuse for the photographer not moving a bit!

One of the things I have noticed most of all when looking at all the other wedding photographers out there is this: There are some brilliant ones. Most of those are very expensive and that’s fine. There are a few more excellent wedding photographers who are simply more affordable, and that is great for you. But there are many many more “wedding photographers” who are not actually photographers at all — they just own the gear. Sadly these are the guys that do not offer such good value for money, whatever their price, simply because they are not experienced in taking better pictures. Your whole photo album should be quality from start to finish, in all the ways I have touched upon here, and many many more. Go browse my pictures and I’ll convince you that your wedding photos will be great too! Have a look at these calamities that show had bad it could be! The picture on the right is an example of how wedding photography shouldn’t be done.