Quality wedding photography services – Frequently Asked Questions

♛ What is your photography style?

My style is an unobtrusive documentary or photojournalism style. For the bulk of the day I like to move seamlessly through your preparations and celebrations and capture the elegant, intimate and surprising photographs from your day – there is nothing worse than an annoying photographer that is sticking a lens in your face and ruining the proceedings. I look to build a great relationship with the bride and grooms I photograph to create a relaxed atmosphere for the day with a pre-wedding engagement shoot.

♛ Documenting is one thing, but I want great bride groom portraits?

At a suitable point in the day I like to break out with the bride and groom to get some personal portraits. This is usually the most fun and memorable part of your wedding photography as we can dedicate some time in the day to relax, capture some intimate moments, and create some life long memories. I like to use the light and atmosphere provided by the surroundings your unique day to create wonderful photographs that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your lives. If the weather is not on our side I also travel with a great lighting set up to put the energy back into the photo. Look at my galleries to put you in the picture. To me great wedding photography is the art of uniquely capturing the personality of two people in love, and this looks different for every Bride and Groom, I aim to portray your true selves and the truly beautiful experience of your wedding day.

♛ How far do you travel for weddings?

I specialise in Dorset because I know the people and area well, but I do shoot weddings all over the country, Hampshire, Wiltshire & Somerset are all within an easy commute and will not change my price. Contact me to make your wedding arrangements.

♛ How do I book you for my wedding?

Call me [ 07828971143 ] or email me [ info@peterwillows.co.uk ] or simply use the quick form on my contact page remembering to leave me a reply email or number. We can chat to discuss what you need and want from your photographer and I will give you my honest feedback. If I am available for your date I will email you a booking form.

♛ What will be the deposit to secure your services?

A 20% non refundable deposit will be required to secure your wedding date. This is because demand is high at certain times of the year and ensures no else gets me for your date. The final payment is due no less than 4 weeks before your wedding day.

♛ How will I get to see my wedding photographs?

I can send you the pictures on a CD / DVD or a USB stick. I will also host all the pictures in a password protected gallery on my website, from where you can share with your friends who can also order prints and download copies, if you like.

♛ Can family and friends buy prints?

Yes, you’ll receive a password protected online gallery where family and friends can view the wedding photographs but can also purchase prints and downloads.

♛ How long will it take to receive our photographs?

The average editing time is between two to six weeks depending on the time of year and peak wedding season, April-September. There’s only one of me and editing is time intensive but I know how keen you’ll be to see your pictures, so I’ll get them done and ready for you as quickly as possible, without compromising on the quality.

♛ How many photographs will I get from my wedding day?

Lots! I will shoot continuously all day if you desire which amounts to a huge amount of images. 300-500 images of the entire wedding party. The precise number depends on the day. I like to create ~30 quality bride-groom portraits.

♛ Do you retouch your photographs?

Yes. My usual style is a light, warming touch. I’m a photographer first, digital artist second so your wedding album will not be a cliché trip into photoshop. – I provide a quality service. Every single image that you receive will be a finished item suitable for printing. Beautiful.. Guaranteed!

♛ Do you provide Black & White photographs also?

Of course! Some images naturally lend to the black and white style and I will happily provide options.

Can I change a picture?

I can edit a small selection of images into any style you like, black & white for example, or provide a simple crop/enlargement at no extra cost.

Do you take formal group shots?

Of course. This is often a much derided part of wedding photography but these are often the most treasured pictures from your day in years to come. Family members love the group shots and often will buy prints of these above any other type of photograph from your day. I am good at organising guests into position in a fun way so we can work through the ‘formals’ quickly and make them fun too!

♛ Do you require food on the day?

Nope! I’ll take a break when you do and will arrange my own food. But I’ve learned to never turn down the offer of a good meal!

♛ Do you offer wedding albums with your packages?

Yes, but they are an additional cost simply because if the expense of creating and printing them.

♛ Can we meet you before the wedding?

Yes, I believe it is important to meet meet all couples before their wedding to go through all all the details and establish a good natural rapport so we can get off to a great start on the all important day. It is a great idea to do a loose-and-fun ‘engagement’ shoot for ½ hour, which will be included if you would like to book me.

♛ What cameras do you use?

A: Big heavy black Nikon ones, which will no doubt give me back problems later in life, but that is all part of the service.

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